Life of the Swiss Reformer William Farel

Guillaume (William) Farel [1489-1565]

Today’s free book is a biography of the Swiss Reformer William Farel [1489-1565] by Frances Bevan. My thanks to Book Aid/ for making a copy of this public domain work available for digitisation.

Frances Bevan [1827-1909], The Life of William Farel. A Spiritual Force in the Great Reformation Who Noble “The Reproach of Christ”. London & Glasgow: Pickering & Inglis, [1921?]. Hbk.pp.405. [Click to visit the download for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. Two Pictures
  2. The Days of which Paul spoke
  3. THe child without a Bible
  4. How God made use of the Turks, the Jews, and the Printers
  5. How William went to Paris
  6. The Well of which William drank, and thirsted again
  7. THe Water which Jesus gives
  8. The Light shining in Darkness
  9. How the Darkness began in the Church of God
  10. How the Darkness Deepened
  11. The Days of Grace for Paris
  12. The Happy Days at Meaux
  13. The Path of Obedience
  14. The Dark Days at Meaux
  15. “No Certain Dwelling-place”
  16. The foolishness of God, that is wiser than men
  17. “Blessed are ye when Men shall hae you”
  18. A Dark Year in France
  19. An Idol Drowned, and a Saint Burnt
  20. Happy Fellowship; and alone with Christ
  21. The old Letter
  22. The beautiful Land of Darkness
  23. The Village Schoolmaster
  24. The Rejected Message
  25. The Begging Friar
  26. Friends ad Fellow-labourers
  27. Strange Times at Berne
  28. Fields White to the Harvest
  29. The Land that refused the Gospel
  30. The Siege of Neuchatel
  31. The Word that is as a Hammer breaking the Rocks in pieces
  32. His glorious Power
  33. The Dawn of the Day
  34. THe old Counties and her Subjects
  35. “In Weariness and Painfulness”
  36. Father Michae’s Sermon
  37. The Lady Elizabeth
  38. The Weakness of God that is stroner than men
  39. The Lost Sheep found
  40. The Breaking of Bread
  41. The Siege of Granson
  42. “The Wars of the Lord”
  43. The Ancient Witnesses
  44. The Mountain Meeting
  45. The Dark Days of Geneva
  46. The Second Onslaught upon Geneva
  47. The Third Onslaught upon Geneva
  48. The Bewitched Lady
  49. An Afternoon at the Parsonage
  50. The Sermon on the Fish-stall
  51. The Worship in Spirit and in Truth
  52. The Priests’ Riot
  53. News of William Farel
  54. The Feast of the Holy Winding-sheet
  55. The Arm of the Flesh and the Arm of the Lord
  56. An Unexpected Arrival
  57. Walter Farel
  58. Light and Darkness
  59. THe Wolf and the Shepherds
  60. Light in Darkess, and Darkness in Light
  61. A Letter that may do for you
  62. A Narrow Escape
  63. Sister Blaisine
  64. The Friends of Geneva
  65. The Deliverance of Geneva
  66. How the Lord washed the Feet of MASter Farel
  67. Works meet for Repentance
  68. John Calvin
  69. How Lausanne was taken for Christ
  70. A Sorrowful Chapter
  71. A Stranger and a Pilgrim
  72. Seven Eventful Years

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