Martin Luther in 1526

Martin Luther – The Man and His Work – McGiffert

Arthur Cushman McGiffert [1861-1933], Martin Luther. The Man and His Work

Today’s free book in A.C. McGiffert’s substantial biography of the German Reformer Martin Luther.

My thanks to Book Aid for making a copy of this public domain title available for digitisation.

Arthur Cushman McGiffert [1861-1933], Martin Luther. The Man and His Work. London: W.C.T. Fisher Uwin, 1911. Hbk. pp.397. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  1. Boyhood and Youth
  2. Life as a Monk
  3. Visit to Rome
  4. Preacher, Professor, and District Vicar
  5. The Awakening Reformer
  6. The Attack on Indulgences
  7. The Gathering Storm
  8. The Beginning of the Conflict with Rome
  9. The Leipsic Debate
  10. The Developing Controversalist
  11. The National Reformer
  12. The Prophet of a New Faith
  13. The Final Break with Rome
  14. The Diet of Worms
  15. At the Wartburg
  16. The Conflict with Radicalism
  17. The Peasant’s War
  18. The Break with Humanism
  19. Marriage
  20. Home Life
  21. The Formation of a New Church
  22. Luther and Zwingli
  23. At Coburg
  24. Religion and Politics
  25. The Bigamy of the Langrave Philip
  26. The End and After

Main image: Martin Luther in 1526 (frontispiece)

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