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Story of the Scottish Covenanters by James D. Douglas

Dr. James D. Douglas’s contribution to the Paternoster Church History series on the Story of the Scottish Covenanters has never been reprinted. The digital rights were never transferred to the Publisher and, despite extensive inquiries, I have been unable to trace the author’s literary executor. I have decided, therefore, to go ahead and place this…


Luther and Reformation by James Atkinson

James Atkinson’s masterly analysis of Martin Luther’s role in the Reformation is volume 4 in the Paternoster Church History series, edited by F.F. Bruce. It also covers Calvin, Zwingli, Henry VIII, Edward VI,. Mary Tudor and Elizabeth I. The Paternoster Press has never held the digital rights for this title. All reasonable efforts have been…

Philip Melanchthon

Philip Melanchthon by George Wilson

This short work on the life of Philip Melanchthon was the last written by George Wilson [1840-1897], who sadly died before the book was published. It contains a number of excellent prints which I am making available at different resolutions. My thanks to Book Aid for making available a copy of this book for scanning….

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English Bible Under the Tudor Sovereigns

This book was written as part of the celebration of the Fourth Centenary of the “setting up” of th English Bible in Parish Churches. “Setting up” refers to the placing from 1538 of a large vernacular Bible in every parish church so that anyone who could read could have access to it. W.T. Whitley traces…

Calvin | Martin Luther | Reformation

Merle d’Aubigné’s History of the Reformation Vols. 1-5

Jean-Henri Merle d’Aubigné (16 August 1794 – 21 October 1872) was a Swiss historian of the Reformation, His writings reflect the thoroughness of his research and some are still in-print today. This title is in the public domain. Jean-Henri Merle d’Aubigné [1794-1872], History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century, Vols. 1-5. London: Religious Tract…

John Wycliffe | Reformation

Wayside Sketches in Ecclesiastical History. 9 Lectures by Charles Bigg

Professor Bigg’s nine lectures on various aspects of ecclesiastical history were given a different times and to different audiences, Nevertheless, but he sees the common thread of the development of the church running through them. This title is in the public domain. Charles Bigg [1840–1908], Wayside Sketches in Ecclesiastical History. Nine Lectures with Notes and…