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Philip of Spain and the Netherlands by C.J. Cadoux

Portrait of Philip II of Spain by Sofonisba Anguissola
Portrait of Philip II of Spain by Sofonisba Anguissola. Source: Wikipedia

Today’s free book is C.J. Cadoux’s study of Philip II of Spain. This public domain title was digitised from the copy held in Spurgeon’s College Library.

Were the nineteenth century “liberal” theologians wrong in their judgments upon the Spanish Inquisition in the Netherlands and in their assumnption that the blame (if blame there is) must be set squarely upon the shoulders of Philip II? Books have been written in recent yearssuggesting that neither the Inquisition nor Philip were as black as they have been painted.

Dr. Cadoux regards these reassessments as tendentious and sets himself out to defend the traditional moral judgment. He maintains that no historian can excuse himself from making moral judgments upon the events about which he writes, and he joins issue particularly with two books on the Netherlands revolt which seems to him to suggest a reversal of an accepted viewpoint on inadequate foundations of historical truth, This book will be welcomed by many who have been alarmed to see the Protestant case against the Inquisition appaently going by default,

From the dustjacket

Cecil John Cadoux [1883–1947], Philip of Spain and The Nederlands. An Essay on Moral Judgments in History. London & Redhill: Lutterworth Press, 1947. Hbk. pp.251. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. Moral Judgements in History
  2. Catholic Revaluations in History
  3. The Character of the Inquisition
  4. The Spanish Monarchy and the Netherlands
  5. The Duke of Alva in the Netherlands
  6. The Personal Character of Philip II
  7. The Character of Resistance to Philip in the Netherlands
  8. The Personal Character of William of Orange
  9. Conclusion
  • Chronological Table
  • Index

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