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Servetus and Calvin by Robert Willis

Michael Servetus
Michael Servetus. Source: Wikipedia

Today’s free book is an account of Michael Servetus’ relationship with John Calvin and the former’s eventual execution in Geneva on charges of heresy. My thanks to Book Aid for providing a copy of this public domain title for digitisation.

Robert Willis [1799-1878], Servetus and Calvin. A Study pf an Important Epoch in the Early History of the Reformation. London: Henry King, 1877. Hbk. pp.541. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. Early Life—Works—Arrest and Trial at Vienne
    1. Michael Servetus: His Birth, Perentage, and Early Education
    2. Service with Friar Juan Quintana, Confessor of the Emperor Charles V
    3. The Service with Quintana Comes to an End
    4. Intercourse with the Swiss Reformers
    5. The Reformers at Strasburg. Publication of the Work on Trinitarian Error
    6. The Authorities of Basle. The Two Dialogues of the Trinity. Leaves Switzerland
    7. Paris. Assumption of the Name of Villemeuve or Villanovanus. Acquaintance with Calvin
    8. Lyons. Engagement as Reader for the Press with the Trechsels. Edits the Geography of Ptolemy
    9. Lyons. Dr. Symphorien Champier
    10. Return to Paris. Studies There. Jo. WInter of Andernach; Andrea Vesalius. Degrees of M.A. and M.D. Lectures on Genography and Astrology
    11. The Treatise on Syrups, and Their Use in Medicine
    12. The Medical Faculty of Paris sue Servetus for Lecturing on Judcial Astrology
    13. Charlieu. Attainment of his Thirtieth Year. Views on Baptism
    14. Settlement at Vienne under the Patronage of the Archbishop. Renewal of Interourse with the Publishers of Lyons. Second Edition of Ptolemy
    15. Edition of Ssntes Pagnini’s Latin Bible with Commentary
    16. Engagement as Editor by Jo. Frelon of Lyons. Correspondence with Calvin
    17. ‘Christianismi Restitutio,’ the Restoration of Christianity. Discovery of the Pulmonary Circulation
    18. Calvin receives a Copy of the ‘Christianismi Restitutio’
    19. Calvin Denounces Servetus through William Trie to the Ecclesiastical Authorities of Lyons
    20. Arrest of Servestus ad Arnoullet, the Publisher. The Trial for Heresy at Vienne. Servetus is suffered to escape from Prison
    21. Discovery of Arnoullet’s private Printing Establishment. Seizure and Burning of the ‘Christianismi Restiutio,’ along with the Effigy of its Author
  2. Servetus at Geneva, Face to Face with Calvin
    1. Servtus reaches Geneva. Detained there, he is arrested at the Instance of Calvin
    2. Geneva, and the State of Political Parties at the Date of Servestus’ Arrest
    3. Servetus is arrainged on the Capital Charge by Calvin
    4. The Trial in its First Phase
    5. The Trial in its Second Phase, with the Attorney-General of Geneva as Prosecutor
    6. The Trial in its Second Phase, continued
    7. The Trial continued. The Attorney-General receives fresh instructions from Calvin
    8. Servetus is visited in Prison by Calvin and the Ministers
    9. The Court determines to consult the Councils and Churches of the Four Protestant Swiss Cantons
    10. The Trial in interrupted through differences between Calvin and the Council
    11. The Trial is resumed on new Articles supplied by Calvin
    12. The Trial continued. Servestus addresses a letter to Calvin and petitions his Judges
    13. Calvin anticipates the Judges in their Appeal to the Swiss Churches
    14. Servetus sends a Letter and a second Resmonstrance and Petition to the Judges
    15. The Swiss Coucils and Churches are addressed by the Council of Geneva
    16. Servetus again addresses the Syndics and Council of Geneva, and Accuses Calvin. The Answers of the Councils and Churches consulted
    17. The Attitude of Calvin. The Hopes of Servetus
    18. The Sentence and Execution. Væ Victus!
    19. After the Battle. Væ Victoribus!
    20. Calvin defends himself
    21. Calvin’s Defence is attacked
    22. Calvin Biographers and Apologists
  • Appendix

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