Theodore Beza: Counsellor of the French Reformation

Today’s free book is a biography of Theodore Beza, a key person in French Reformation history. This public domain title was digitised from a copy held in Spurgeon’s College Library.

Henry Martin Baird [1832-1906], Theodore Beza. The Counsellor of the French Reformation. New York & London: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1899. Hbk. pp.376. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. 1519-1539: Childhood and Youth
  2. 1539-1548: Beza in Paris
  3. 1548-1550: Conversion—Call to Lausanne—”Abraham’s Sacrifiace”
  4. 1554: Treatise on the Punishment of Heretics
  5. 1549-1558: Beza’s Activity at Lausanne
  6. 1558, 1559: Become’s Calvin’s Coadjutor—Rector of the University of Geneva
  7. 160: Beza at Nérac
  8. 161: Recall to France
  9. 1561: Reception at Court
  10. 1561: Speech at the Colloquy of Poissy
  11. 16561, 1562: Further Discussions—The Edict of January—Maccacre at Vassy
  12. 1562, 1563: Counsellor of Condé and the Huguenots in the First Civil War
  13. 1563-1565: Beza Succeeds Calvin—Edits Greek New Testament
  14. 1566-1574: Broad Sympathy—Synod of La Rochelle—Massacre on St. Bartholomw’s Day
  15. Controversies and Controversial Writings
  16. Beza and the Huguenot Psalter
  17. Contributions to History
  18. 1590-1593: The Patriotic Preacher—Henry IV’s Apostasy
  19. Beza’s Later Years in Geneva
  20. 1605: Closing Days
  • Appendix: Autobiographical Letter Wolmar; Transcript of Beza’s Letter to Pithou, with Translation
  • Index

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