The Great Light. Luther and Reformation. The Paternoster Church History, Vol. IV.
James Atkinson

Exeter: The Paternoster Press, 1968. PHbk. ISBN: 085364084X. pp.287.

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James Atkinson, The Great Light. Luther and the Reformation


  • Preface
  1. Luther's Discovery of Evangelical Theology
  2. Luther Teaches Evangelical Theology
  3. The Papacy Repudiates Evangelical Theology
  4. Luther Faces the Problems of the Reformation
  5. Luther's Reconstruction of the Church in Saxony on Evangelical Principles, 1525-32
  6. Developments to the Death of Charles V, 1532-58
  7. Zwingli and His Background
  8. The Reformation in Switzerland
  9. Calvin's Life and Work
  10. Calvin's Theology
  11. The Reign of Henry VIII, 1509-47
  12. The Reign of Edward VI, 1547-53
  13. The Marian Reaction, 1553-8
  14. Scotland: Saviour of the Reformation
  15. Elizabeth, 1558-1603
  16. The Church Under Elizabeth
  • Chronological Tables
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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