Robert Wilkes Gosse,
Ulric Zwingle.
London: James Nisbet & Co., 1892. pp.160.

As the author of this work died in 1899 the book is now in the public domain and can be downloaded here as a PDF [1.93 MB].

Ulric Zwingle from Gosse 1892


I. Zwingle's Birth and Early Life
II. Zwingle's Conversion
Ill. Great Men of Basle - Removal To Einsiedeln
IV. Zwingle at Zurich - He Opposes Samson
V. The "Great Death" at Zurich
VI. Zwingle Meets With Opposition - His Marriage
VII. The Sixty-Seven Articles - Religious Commotions
VIII. Discussion on Images and the Mass - Opposition of the Diet
IX. The Marburg Conference
X. The Outbreak of Religious War - Zwingle on the Field of Battle
XI. The Renewal of Hostilities - Zwingle's Death

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