William Tyndale. A Biography. A Contribution to the Early History of the English Bible
Robert Demaus [1829?-1874]

Book Description

William Tyndale. A Biography. A Contribution to the Early History of the English -Bible
Publication Year:
The Religious Tract Society
William Tyndale, Reformation, English Bible, Biography
Copyright Holder:
Public domain

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. Early Life. A.D. 1484-1521
  2. Tyndale's Life at Little Sodbury. A.D. 1521-1523
  3. Tyndale's Life in London. A.D. 1523-1524
  4. FromTyndale's Arrival in Hamburg to the Printing of the First English New Testament. A.D. 1524-1526
  5. Tyndale's First New Testament: Descriptions of the Book in its Two Forms: Tyndale's Qualifications as a Translator: Specimens of his Work
  6. Tyndale's Life at Worms: Reception of the New Testament in England: Literary Labours: Hostility of Wolsey. A.D. 1523-1527
  7. Tynsale at Marburg: Publishes "The Wicked Mammon" and "The Obedience of a Christian Man" A.D. 1528
  8. Marburg: Antwerp: Hamburg: Publication of the "Pentateuch" and "The Practice of Preolates" A.D. 1529-1530
  9. Controversy with Sir Thomas More
  10. Tyndale at Antwerp: Negociations to induce him to Return to England: Interview with VaughanL His Continued Literary Labours. A.D. 1531
  11. Attempts to Seize Tyndale: His Renewed Wanderings: Continued Literary Labours: Fryth Arrested and Martyred in England: Tyndale's Letter to Fryth: His FInal Remova; to Antwerp. A.D. 1532-1533
  12. Tyndale's Life in Antwerp: Revision of the New Testament: Controversy with George Joye: Tyndale Seized. A.D. 1535-1536.
  13. Arrest of Tyndale: His Imprisonment, Trial, and Martydom. A.D. 1535-1536
  • Appendix. Mr Anderson's Account of the First Introduction of Tyndale's New Testament into England
  • Flemish Document
  • The New Testament of 1535
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