Calvin: His Life and Times, 4th edn.
Thomas Lawson
London: F. Kirby / Brighton / A.M. Robinson, n.d. pp.157.


Thomas Lawson - Calvin: His Life and TimesAs the author of this work died in 1892 the book is now in the public domain and can be downloaded as a PDF [3.86 MB].


I. John Calvin

ll. His early days, appearance and practice-The laws of nature to be regarded - His natural piety and great talents - First principles of true Reformation - A.Pharisee of the Pharisees

III. James Pavanne, a youthful Martyr-The Hermit of Livry - Calvin's convictions

IV. "There are only two Religions in the world'' - Human Authority or Divine Revelation?-Dead Works - Confession - The Confessional has no Scriptural authority, and was unknown to the early Fathers

V. Jesus the Mediator - The Keys, or objections answered - Does the Confessional produce good results?

VI. The Sorrows of Death and the Source of Religion - The Redeemed Sinner's Need - The Prisoner Released and Pardon Sealed

VII. Our Illustrations - A great struggle - Calvin the lawyer - Calvin the Gospel minister - His Father's Death

VIII. Calvin visits his native city-He returns to Paris and labours as a Missionary-Roussel preaching in the Royal Palace- Light rejected, Grace communicated

IX. The Martyrdom of Alexander - The time for Calvin to come forward - His Oration read before the Sorbonne - The Assembly arose and the Storm burst - Calvin's Escape - Calvin on the Worship of Images

X. French Reformers before Calvin - Le Fevre and Calvin contrasted - Reasons for protesting against Popery - Calvin administers the Lord's Supper in both kinds - The Decree of the Council of Constance for withholding the Cup from the Laity - Tested by the Word of God and Reason - Calvin resigns his livings and secedes from the Church

Xl. A bold Adventure in the Dark - Morning and its Revelations - Bartholomew Millon - Superstition, Pomp and Barbarity

XII. Calvin and his work - Halfway men - Interview between Erasmus and Calvin - His distinguished Scholarship - Another John Calvin - Calvin arrested in Italy by the Officers of the Inquisition

XIII. Reflection after Deliverance-Calvinism - Life's Turning Points - Geneva

XIV. Church and State - Geneva - William Farel - Froment's school

XV. A True Church - Angels of Darkness and their Weapons of Warfare - Public Disputation - Spiritual and Political Protestantism - The Nuns of St. Claire - Nuns and Nunneries - All Bibles ordered to be burnt - Sham Pilgrims - God preserved the Reformers from being Poisoned - Protestantism established in Geneva

XVI- The Decree of the Creature and the Decree of the Creator - Seeds of Internal Discord - Calvin at the Gates of Geneva - Farel's Denunciation and Calvin's Surrender

XVII. Calvin's first work in Geneva - The Theological Teacher not a Gospel Preacher - Calvin's first Sermon in Geneva - Public Disputation and a Friar Converted - The Dragon and his angels - Divine Chastening in lovingkindness - Superstitious Consecration of Bells - The immoral fruits of superstition - The Lord's Supper and the Romish Mass

XVIII. A Terrific Tempest - Reflection - The Shafts of the Almighty against Calvin's Enemies

XIX. Calvin at Strasburg - The Genevese invited by the Mother of Harlots to return to her grasp - Macaulay's reason for Men of Learning being found in the Church of Rome - Natural and Spiritual Knowledge contrasted - Geneva repenting - Calvin reluctantly returns to Geneva - - Moral Laws introduced

XX. Calvin's marriage and the death of his wife - The Celibacy of the Clergy - Marriage is honourable

XXI. An injustice done to Calvin - Servetus - Apprehension and examination - A Libertine conspiracy against Calvin - The trial

XXII. Toleration - A fresh indictment against Servetus - The Council release Berthelier and deprive Calvin of the power to exclude the profane from the Lord's table - The snare and the Deliverer - September 3rd, 1553 - Calvin taking farewell of his flock

XXIII. The field of Calvin's labour fixed by God - An Officer from Vienna demands Servetus-The Articles of Accusation - The case referred to the Churches and Magistrates of Switzerland - The Letters of Servetus - The Verdict of the Cities and Pastors of Switzerland - Now let us reflect on the whole affair

XXIV. A black spot from Rome's fires - Truth revealed and truth sealed - Calvin's letters to the Martyrs

XXV. The five young Martyrs of Lyons

XXVI. Calvin and Luther contrasted - The Libertines - Their utter confusion - The speedy rise and prosperity of Geneva - Cardinal Sadoleto's visit to Calvin

XXVII. His literary labours - The Reformation in England - The nobility and dignity of the Church

XXVIII. The Reformation in France - The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's day - Silver lining to a dark cloud - A College and Academy at Geneva

XXIX. His last interview with the Council - His farewell address to the Pastors - Calvin's will - William Farel and Calvin meet for the last time - The Reformer's last moments - His Death and Burial - Concluding Remarks

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