Thomas Martin Lindsay [1843-1914]
A History of the Reformation in Two Volumes, 2nd edn.

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Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1907. Hbk. pp.528+631.

This book is in the Public Domain. The illustrations are not included with the text, but most can be found here at higher scan resolutions.

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Contents of Volume 1

Book 1: On the Eve of the Reformation

Chapter 1 - The Papacy
Chapter 2 - The Political Situation
Chapter 3 - The Renaisance
Chapter 4 - Social Conditions
Chapter 5 - Family and Popular Religious Life in the Decades Before the Reformation
Chapter 6 - Humanism and the Reformation

Book 2: The Reformation

Chapter 1 - Luther to the Beginning of the Controversy About Indulgences
Chapter 2 - From the Beginning of the Indulgence Controversy to the Diet of Worms
Chapter 3 - The Diet of Worms
Chaper 4 - From the Diet of Worms to the Close of the Peasant's War
Chapter 5 - From the Diet of Speyer, 1526, to the Religious Peace of Augsburg, 1555
Chaper 6 - The Organisation of the Lutheran Churches
Chapter 7 - The Lutheran Reformation Outside Germany
Chapter 8 - The Religious Principles Inpsiring the Reformation

Contents of Volume 2

Book 3: The Reformed Churches

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - The Reformation in Switzerland Under Zwingli
Chapter 3 - The Reformation in Geneva Under Calvin
Chapter 4 - The Reformation in France
Chapter 5 - The Reformation in the Netherlands
Chapter 6 - The Reformation in Scotland

Book 4: The Reformation in England

Chapter 1 - The Church of Henry VIII
Chapter 2 - The Reformation Under Edward VI
Chapter 3 - The Reaction Under Mary
Chapter 4 - The Settlement Under Elizabeth

Book 5: Anabaptism and Socinianism

Chapter 1 - Revival of Medieval Anti-Ecclesiastical Movements
Chapter 2 - Anabaptism
Chapter 3 - Socinianism

Book 6: The Counter-Reformation

Chapter 1 - The Necessity of a Reformation of some sort of Universally Admitted
Chapter 2 - The Spanish Conception of a Reformation
Chapter 3 - Italian Liberal Roman Catholics and Their Conception of a Reformation
Chapter 4 - Ignatius Loyola and the Company of Jesus
Chapter 5 - The Council of Trent
Chapter 6 - The Inquisition and the Index

Map Showing the Reformation and Counter-Reformation (1520-1580)

Map Showing the Reformation and Counter-Reformation (1520-1580)

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