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Protestant Thought Before Kant by A C McGiffert

Today’s free book is A.C. McGiffert’s survey of Protestant thought before the time of Immanuel Kant [1724-1804]. This public domain title was digitised from the copy held in Spurgeon’s College library. Arthur Cushman McGiffert [1861-1933], Protestant Thought Before Kant. London: Duckworth & Co., 1911. Hbk. pp.261. [Click to visit the download page for this title]…

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English Bible Under the Tudor Sovereigns

This book was written as part of the celebration of the Fourth Centenary of the “setting up” of th English Bible in Parish Churches. “Setting up” refers to the placing from 1538 of a large vernacular Bible in every parish church so that anyone who could read could have access to it. W.T. Whitley traces…

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English Reformation of the Sixteenth Century by W.H. Beckett

William Henry Beckett [1847-1901] intended this book to be a sketch of the history of the English reformation. He covers John Wycliffe and the Lollards, the Oxford reformers and progress of the movement under Edward VI, Mary Tudor and Elizabeth I. This volume contains numerous portraits which I have made available at various resolutions. This…

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History of the Reformation by Thomas M. Lindsay

Thomas Lindsay’s comprehensive introduction to the European Reformation and Counter-Reformation is now available on-line for free download in PDF. These volumes are in the public domain and so can be freely copied and distributed. Thomas Martin Lindsay [1843-1914], A History of the Reformation in Two Volumes, 2nd edn. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1907. Hbk….

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The Oxford Reformers – John Colet, Erasmus & Thomas More

The 3rd edition of Frederic Seebohm‘s book on John Colet, Erasmus and Thomas More is now available for download in PDF.┬áThis material is in the Public Domain Frederic Seebohm [1833-1912], The Oxford Reformers. John Colet, Erasmus and Thomas More, 3rd edn. London: Longmans, Green, & Co., 1896. Hbk. pp.551. Click here to download. Contents Chapter…

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Cranmer and the English Reformation

The following public domain book is now available in PDF: Arthur D. Innes [1863-1938], Cranmer and The Reformation in England. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1900. Hbk. pp.199. Click here to download. Cranmer and The Reformation in England Table of Contents Preface Chronological Tables Chapter I Prologue: Unrest Pioneers of the Reformation – Europe in…