Luther and the German Reformation by Thomas M. Lindsay

Thomas Martin Lindsay [1843-1914], Luther and The German ReformationThis life of Martin Luther has been reprinted numerous times, which is testimony to its enduring value. This title is in the public domain.

Thomas Martin Lindsay [1843-1914], Luther and The German Reformation. Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark, 1900. Hbk. pp.300. [Click to visit the download page]


  • Preface
  1. Introduction
  2. Lutehr’s Childhood and Education, 1483-1505
  3. The Years of Preparation, 1505-1517
  4. Indulgence Controversy, 1517-1519
  5. The Three Great Reformation Treatises, 1520
  6. At the Diet of Worms, 1521
  7. In the Wartburg. From 4th 1521 to 3rd 1522
  8. The Progress of the Reformation, 1522-1525
  9. Political and Social Revolts, 1522-1525
  10. Marriage, Family and Public Life
  11. Laying the Foundations of the Evangelical Church
  12. The Last Years of Luther’s Life
  • Chronological Summary
  • List of Books Consulted
  • Index


Although Luther’s life has been written scores of times, it has always seemed to me that there is room for another – for one which will be careful to set Luther in the environment of the common social life of his time. For it is often forgotten that the sixteenth century, in which he was the most outstanding figure, saw the beginnings of our present social life in almost everything, from our way of looking at politics and our modes of trade to our underclothing. To show what that life was, and to show Luther in it, would, it seems to me, bring him nearer us than has yet been done.

I do not for a moment pretend that this little book is even a sketch of the Reformer’s life written in this way. That needed far more space than was permitted. Yet I have had the thought before me in writing, and for that reason have been careful to make as much use as possible of contemporary evidence….


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